Hi, I’m Hayley


I was diagnosed with PCOS in my teens. Infrequent periods, acne and excess weight was me.

After a decade of medication my cycles stopped altogether. We tried medications and laparoscopic ovarian drilling, I failed to respond to any of it and I was told my only hope of having a baby was IVF.

Several rounds later we eventually had 2 daughters. However I had an overwhelming sense I wanted more children, by which time we could no longer afford IVF.

At this point I asked my GP what I could do to help myself to get my cycles back. He actually LAUGHED!!! Then sent me away with yet ANOTHER prescription.

I didn't like that answer so I went home and did some research. There was nothing scientific about what I did, but I did make some nutritional changes. Not only did my cycles return but within 3 months I was pregnant! I couldn't believe it.

I now live PCOS symptom free, something I never believed was possible.

I decided to return to education and study at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, to learn the science and become professionally qualified in Nutritional Therapy so I can help and educate other women how to take control of their health.

The scientific literature is clear that nutrition & lifestyle has a HUGE impact on many common health conditions and I believe all women should have this information.